LG and Qualcomm joint presser reveals Snapdragon 800 for Optimus G series phones


Today, a press release by LG and Qualcomm confirmed that the successor to the LG Optimus G series devices will utilize Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processors, the industry’s most advanced chipset at this time. This new addition will provide the device with stunning performance, rich graphics, and outstanding battery efficiency. The Snapdragon 800 processor is also designed to allow LTE to be even faster by maximizing spectrum bandwidth to increase data speeds and reduce latency. This is some pretty exciting news for the upcoming device— anyone thinking of going and grabbing one at launch? Check out the full presser after the break.
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NVIDIA drops price of Shield to $299


The NVIDIA Shield seems pretty cool, but is it $349 cool? NVIDIA has been showing the device to many gamers recently at shows such as E3, and although they love the device, the feedback is that it would be a homerun if it were priced at $299. NVIDIA is the kind of company that listens and has officially dropped the price down to $299.

Don’t fret if you pre-ordered because you will get the new lower price as well. They also just officially announced that June 27 will be the official release day. Did you pre-order yet? If not, does this new price entice you a little more?

source; NVIDIA

Another potential prototype of Samsung’s Galaxy Note III appears in the wild again, this time featuring more rounded corners



Can’t wait to see how the next great thing from Samsung will look like? Yeah— neither can we. Fortunately, there are numerous hints that continue to pop up, giving us an idea of what to expect when the Galaxy Note III does in fact arrive. An insider identified as @PunkPanda came across an unknown Samsung prototype smartphone with a uniquely large screen. Much like earlier prototypes we’ve seen before, this latest prototype has an incredibly thin bezel, featuring a “6-inch screen accounting for 84%” of the front of the device, which seems to be consistent with what we’ve heard in the past.

However, this prototype has a major difference compared to the earlier ones as this latest leak has rounded corners, reflective of more modern Samsung devices nowadays— while earlier prototypes had straighter and boxy edges. But then again— Samsung is known for camouflaging its prototypes in numerous casings, so this latest prototype could very well be another true Galaxy Note III sighting. Or this new toy could be well, y’know— another large device that Samsung could be secretly working on behind the scenes.

source: G4Games

Samsung cuts Galaxy S 4 sales predictions by 50% for May, down to 6.5 million units


Samsung has already had to cut expectations for their latest flagship, the Galaxy S 4, and although it’s still selling extremely well, it looks like Sammy is going to have to lower estimates for device shipments once again. Originally, Samsung had predicted a lofty 10 million units for the April and 12.2 million units for May, but that estimate is dropping to just 6.5 million predicted units in July. To be fair, that is still a ton of smartphones, but it’s easy to see how market saturation and some stiff competition from OEMs like HTC and Sony are slowing down Samsung’s runaway success train.

To perk sales back up, Samsung is reportedly planning an early retirement of the Galaxy S III. With the latest price drops on the S III since the S 4’s release, it’s like that S III is chopping into sales of Samsung’s latest flagship, which is a good and bad thing. Taking away consumer choice isn’t always a good thing, but in this case, it’s a smart business move on Samsung’s part. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on in the next few months.

source: Korea IT News

via: Unwired View

Humble Bundle with Android 6 released, includes 7 game titles


The team over at Humble Bundle has been working hard to put together packages of games for users to enjoy, for whatever price the user wishes to pay. Every game works on Android, as well as Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The cool part about it is that you can allocate the money you spend to different organizations, charities, or even support the Humble Bundle team themselves so that they can continue putting out cool packages like this one. Hit the break for the list of games included in ‘Humble Bundle with Android 6′. 
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TalkAndroid Daily Dose for June 19, 2013


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


New App: ‘Rockmelt’ news reader released to Google Play

Falcon Pro pulled from Play Store due to token authentication issues

Dolphin Browser updates to v10, brings new UI and Web App Store

RSS feeds like ‘Feedly’ growing, end of Google Reader looms

‘Photo Editor’ by Aviary gets update to version 3.0


AT&T set to launch LTE network in 9 new markets starting today

Verizon planning to end life of Droid DNA, prepping for arrival of HTC One

Official trailer for Verizon’s DROID combat AR game released

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Android-powered console GameStick delayed one month due to unfinished UI



Much like the highly anticipated Ouya, another crowd-sourced Android-powered gaming console has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. The GameStick, originally announced around the beginning of the year, has delayed the first non-developer run of systems to its Kickstarter backers by about a month, citing an unfinished UI as the cause of the delay.

On the bright side, the manufacturing tooling is finished and the first run of GameStick’s have rolled off the line, including a last-minute change which entailed redesigning the analog sticks for easy removal, allowing users to apply custom decals. Early backers should expect theirs to ship sometime this August with a retail release sometime this fall. Hit the source for the full update from the GameStick team.

Via: Engadget
Source: Kickstarter

Official trailer for Verizon’s DROID combat AR game released


Yesterday we saw the reactivation of the @DroidLanding Twitter account with posts indicating a new scavenger hunt utilizing an augmented reality app was on the way to Verizon. Postings have continued today with a couple tweets of photos of some of the mechanized “wARriors” that will be available in the game. The account also released a link to a YouTube video trailer for the DROID Combat/D:COM app. The video shows some game play and screens for selecting your Droid warrior.
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‘Photo Editor’ by Aviary gets update to version 3.0


For Android users that love editing their photos, Aviary recently upgraded their ‘Photo Editor’ application to version 3.0. The update includes rich and robust features and the app moves noticeably quicker and runs much more smoothly. The standard app will satisfy most of your basic photo editing needs but if you want, Aviary offers add-on packs for only a few dollars that improve the app with more features. Check out all the goodies included in the update to 3.0 after the break, as well as the link to the app in the Play Store.
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RSS readers like ‘Feedly’ growing, end of Google Reader looms


Competing RSS readers are starting to gear up for the imminent ending of Google Reader’s long and successful life, and users are scrambling to find a new RSS reader that they can rely on for their daily dose of news.

Feedly, which used to be a Google-supported RSS app, is transforming itself into an independent RSS service, and recently launched a browser-based version of the service called ‘Feedly Cloud.’ In order to upgrade to Feedly Cloud, users have to update Feedly on all of their devices and computers to version 16 of the service.

Right now it’s looking as though Feedly is on top of other competitors as it recently hit 12 million users, but Digg announced earlier this week that it is cooking up an RSS reader of its own (set for launch on June 26), and rumors have been stirring that Facebook is creating an alternative as well. Only time will tell who will be on top in the end… but of course if you don’t want to wait, hit the break and download the Feedly app now and get it up and running on your computer as well.
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