How to manage which folders are automatically backed up to Google’s Photos app cloud storage

google photo backup

One of the best features of Google+ is the streamlined photo backup service that’s baked right into the social media app. Once it’s turned on, it keeps all of the photos on your device backed up to cloud storage on your Google account so you can easily access the photos and never have to worry about losing them in case something happens to your phone or tablet.

The backup service is great, but sometimes you may not want Google backing up every photo on your device, especially the stuff in your downloads or screenshot folder. Fortunately, there’s a way to control exactly which folders do and don’t get backed up, even if it’s not completely obvious to find.  Read more

Helium Backup gets a Chrome app


Helium Backup is probably the best way to back up your app data on your Android phone or tablet, especially if you’re not rooted, which is the majority of you. We featured it in our best ways to back up apps guide, but back then it was called Carbon.

The only issue with the app itself is that you need to initiate it through your desktop with a Windows application, then the mobile app will do the rest. That’s not the developer Koushik Dutta’s fault. It’s just how Android works in that it needs adb in order to save these backups, and the desktop app just streamlines it for you. Things are still the same, but if you’re a Chrome user, you can grab the Chrome app instead of using Windows. What makes this interesting is that you can now use a Chromebook since the Chrome OS now supports the connection of Android devices via the USB port. Of course you can still use the Chrome app on your Windows or Mac computer.

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Get a free Google Cardboard thanks to Volvo


At Google I/O, Google showed off Google Cardboard or a cheap/poor person’s VR set and while everyone who went to Google I/O was able to get their hands on one, the rest of us were left out in the cold. That was until you could buy your own third-party virtual reality set if you didn’t want to do it yourself. Well for those who didn’t want to use either of those routes, you now have a chance of getting your own free Google Cardboard.

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LG G Watch R coming to T-Mobile Nov. 19


Those who have been wanting to get their hands on the LG G Watch R will be happy to know that T-Mobile is planning to carry the new Android Wear device at select T-Mobile stores. Starting on Wednesday, Nov. 19, the G Watch R will go for $299.99. The watch sports a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 under a 1.3-inch P-OLED display with 4GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM. That said, T-Mobile users are only a few days away from being able to purchase the G Watch R. We have the presser for you after the break.

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[Deal] Grab 17 apps for free from Amazon today, over $100 in savings


Amazon is notorious for giving away apps for free, but today is a little extra special. They have 17 apps available for free that normally cost over $100 in total. They have some notables too, like the Flesky Keyboard and Camera ZOOM FX. The most expensive one on the list is the Oxford Dictionary of English, which normally goes for $24.99.

I generally don’t like to download apps from the Amazon App Store since the updates aren’t as quick as Google’s Play Store. Plus it’s a pain keeping the separate app store on my device. However, this is a great opportunity to try these apps for no cost. and if you like them, you can certainly grab them from the Play Store or keep using them through Amazon. Just remember, the Amazon App Store has to remain on your device to continue using them.

Hit the break for the full list of apps.

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New, Advanced S Pen revealed by Samsung


Although Samsung’s S Pen may seem like a simple piece of hardware that helps make the company’s Note devices a bit more useful, that doesn’t mean Samsung hasn’t been looking for ways to make it even more powerful. At their ongoing developer conference, Samsung has announced the new Advanced S Pen and a special SDK that developers can use to tap into the new features. Read more

YouTube Android app updated with new music tab [Updated with APK download]


Google’s YouTube app for Android has been updated, coinciding with the launch of their new music streaming service. The new update adds a new tab to the interface labeled “Music,” which gives you mixes based on your listening history and preferences. There are also playlist recommendations, ranging from pre-made playlists to personalized playlists based on your history. 

You can check out the updated app by downloading from the link past the break.

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Google Play launches page for Project Tango Development Kit


The release of the Project Tango tablet is near. A page for the Project Tango tablet is now live on Google Play. It features the 3D sensing device in black and white color options. A price is not attached and it “is not for sale at this time.” What we do know is that the Project Tango Development Kit will not have a warranty attached. Furthermore, Google will not allow returns or refunds after the item is ordered. So what you buy is what you get and that is final. The price is expected to be extremely high and only dedicated developers will be buyers of it.

Here are the specifications according to Google Play:

  • 7.02-inch 1920×1200 IPS display with Corning glass
  • 4 MP 2µm RGB-IR pixel sensor on the rear, 1 MP fixed focus with IR LED on the front
  • NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor with 4GB of RAM
  • 128GGB internal storage
  • Andorid 4.4.2 KitKat
  • Dual stereo speakers

Source: Google Play
Via: 9to5Google