Third in a trio of device announcements, Samsung unveils the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition


At their Samsung Unpacked event today, after announcing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Gear devices, the final piece of hardware to be unveiled was the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. The 10-inch class tablet comes with S Pen functionality to help users take advantage of Samsung’s TouchWiz improvements on the big screen. According to JK Shin, CEO and President of Samsung’s IT & Mobile Division, the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition “unites a range of features that will consistently surprise consumers.” Read more

Samsung pulls sleeve up to reveal Galaxy Gear wearable device

Galaxy Gear-008-Set1 Side_Six

Samsung unveiled their new Galaxy Gear wristbound wearable devices today at their Unpacked Event. The new accessory is heavily geared toward interaction with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but updates are promised so Galaxy Gear will also work with Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 4, and Galaxy Note II devices. Samsung CEO JK Shin describes Galaxy Gear as “smart freedom” that lets users maintain connections to the people in their world without having to constantly check their smartphone. Read more

Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3 white

Well folks, the wait for the next big phablet is over. Samsung has officially taken the wraps off of its latest Galaxy Note 3, complete with updated hardware and a handful of new features. The biggest difference it the screen; Samsung successfully managed to fit a bigger screen into the body of the phone without adding much extra bulk. The Note 3 will have a 5.7 inch, full 1080p display, but the Note 3 is a bit slimmer than the Note 2, weighing in at only 168 grams while being only 8.3 mm thin. As you can see in the picture above, the bezel on this thing is impressively small, as Samsung claims to have widened the screen as opposed to adding any height to it. Read more

Moto X finally available on US Cellular

Moto_X_Main_TAEven though US Cellular began accepting pre-orders for the Moto X over a month ago, we didn’t know exactly when they would ship. Well, they’ve begun shipping, and the phone is available as of today online and will arrive in retail stores by Friday. If you’ve pre-ordered already, you’ll have it soon.

If you’re interested in the Moto X for US Cellular, it’ll cost you either $124.99 or $199.99 for the 16GB version with a two-year contract. It’s $124.99 for new customers and those adding another line of service, and $199.99 for existing customers. It’s of course available in only Woven White or Woven Black, at this point. Head to the source links to purchase.

Source: US Cellular – Moto X

Acer Extend shows off phone/laptop connectivity proof of concept device

Acer Extend

We’ve seen several manufacturers try to use the “turn a docked smartphone into a laptop” idea, and most of them have failed. Motorola pushed their lapdock for the original Atrix, we’ve seen Asus try to do something with their PadFone, and most recently, the world watched Canonical fail to get funding for its docking Ubuntu Edge smartphone. The idea never seems to take off with most people, but that’s not going to stop Acer from trying their hand at the idea. Read more

Sony Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100 attachable lenses for smartphones announced at IFA 2013


As part of their announcement of the Sony Xperia Z1 today, Sony took some time to show off a couple new accessories for smartphones. The Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100 attachable lenses take the form of a lens, but are really a complete camera that can be attached to a smartphone via a special bracket that quickly clips on an off. The QX100 comes with a 20.2 MP Exmor 1-inch sensor, a Carl Zeiss lens with 3.6x zoom capability, and Sony’s BIONZ image processing software. The QX10 is an 18.2 MP device with a Sony G Lens that can zoom in 10x and has built-in Optical SteadyShot. The devices will sell for approximately $500 and $250 respectively. Read more

Sony officially unveils the Xperia Z1 at IFA 2013 event


Sony officially unveiled their Sony Xperia Z1 at their IFA 2013 event in Berlin today. Hitting the market with a one piece aluminum frame, fully waterproof, and a 20.7 MP camera, Sony describes the Xperia Z1 as a “watershed moment in Sony’s history.” Sony is clearly focusing on the camera functions of the device with the 20.7 MP camera augmented by “clear image” zoom technology that Sony says will provide 3x zoom with no loss of clarity. Other software enhancements are included like Social Live, an app that lets users “broadcast” to Facebook automatically; Info-eye, an app that will enable users to snap a pic then get info delivered automatically about the subject of the picture; Timeshift burst which takes 61 images in two seconds, some of them even occurring before the button is pressed, so users can pick from the very best image; and AR Effect which adds special effects to images. Sony indicates the SDK for the camera is open and developers are already working on new apps.

The Xperia Z1 is scheduled to launch later this month in Germany, France, the U.K., Canada, the U.S., and Japan, though no details about carriers are available yet. Along with the Xperia Z1, buyers will have access to a new, cloud-based service from Sony, PlayMemories Online, for storing photos and videos and syncing them with other devices. Storage will be unlimited.

Sony also mentioned some related accessories for the Xperia Z1 during their presentation, like the new QX10 and QX100 attachable lenses for smartphones, and the Smart Watch 2 and Smart Image Stand.

Be sure to check back here at TalkAndroid for additional details as they become available throughout the day and continuing coverage of IFA 2013.

Samsung set to announce antivirus software to be installed on all new devices


According to a Wall Street Journal report, one of the announcements Samsung will be making today at the second episode of their Samsung Unpacked 2013 event is the installation of antivirus security software from Lookout Inc. on all Samsung KNOX devices in the coming month. The move appears to be part of Samsung’s attempt to protect business users from the reality that many, if not most, employees are using their personal phones for business purposes. The addition of the Lookout package is another step in that direction as the company tries to get protection out in front of the wall erected by other features on their smartphones. Samsung senior vice president Injong Rhee says, “Lookout is the leader in mobile threat protection and they are uniquely equipped to address business mobile security.” Read more

Sony teases the Xperia Z1 one more time, this time with swimsuit models in a giant cocktail glass


Sony continues to try to make a splash with the Xperia Z1, but are they going too far? Last night they set up a huge cocktail glass filled with water and a few swimsuit models went for a swim along with the Xperia Z1. Obviously this is another way to show that the Z1 is waterproof, but I’m not sure how many people noticed the phone.

This type of marketing isn’t new for Sony. Earlier in the year, they set up a shower in a T-Mobile store with swimsuit models for the customers to gawk at to promote the Xperia Z. Is Sony going too far and acting a little desperate here, or is this just brilliant marketing? Hit the break for the video.

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