Mysterious Samsung GT-B7810 Images Surface, Indicates Follow-Up To The Galaxy M Pro Is On The Way



You may not remember this— but back in 2011, Samsung introduced a Blackberry-esque smartphone called the Galaxy M Pro. The smartphone came with a full QWERTY keyboard, a 2.66-inch display and Gingerbread 2.3 among the noteworthy features. The device was a mild success to the business professional demographic, so Sammy went ahead and developed a pretty attractive successor behind the scenes and is now seen in all its beautiful glory. Images of a mysterious Ice Cream Sandwich-powered GT-B7810 recently surfaced which features a HSDPA cellular radio, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, a 1,200mAh and Bluetooth 3.0. All of those features are crammed into what looks to be a faux-brushed aluminum or metal finish, complimented by what looks to be a really nice keyboard.


There’s no additional word on when exactly we’ll see the device unleashed into the masses. But then again it probably shouldn’t be too long of a wait— the device already received FCC certification last year, so it should be on shelves sooner than later.

source: Unwired View

Google’s Eric Schmidt All Set To Visit North Korea In The Near Future


Google head honcho Eric Schmidt is all set for for a visit to North Korea as part of a goodwill mission with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. While the country is identified as a potential hotspot oozing with technological and academic talent, North Korea country is mainly known for its almost militaristic-style government and a country with restrictive internet policies. For now, North Koreans currently has access to a built-in intranet, though access to outside content through the internet is currently not available. While Google is not likely to launch a business venture in North Korea, it is likely that the country is interested in Google specialties as email, maps and products and services. But then again, there is the potential that Google may push for North Korea to embrace access to the World Wide Web: Schmidt is no doubt a supporter for granting internet access for any and all people in the world and  also believes “the Internet and mobile technology have the power to lift people out of poverty and political oppression”. It’s also possible that we may see the overall expansion of Android into the country as well.

Regardless of what it is that comes out of this meeting, it should be something that should progress the isolated country. We’ll know what happens soon enough as Schmidt and Richardson are due to arrive to North Korea possibly as early as this month.


source: Associated Press

Starting this month, all T-Mobile stores expected to carry the LG Nexus 4

If you’re still dying to grab the Nexus 4 but were unable to due to the influx of orders that crammed Google Play, then you may be in luck as T-Mobile is planning on carrying the device on every store starting this month. Thanks to an image obtained by TMONEWS, we should expect every T-Mobile store to carry the device, presumably for the same $200 on contract price tag.

Will this finally be your chance to nab the elusive device?

source: TMONEWS

HTC claims new licensing agreement with Apple will benefit them in 2013 and beyond

In case you haven’t heard, Apple and HTC have reached an agreement that will finally end their ongoing patent battle. The new 10 year agreement will cover all current, pending and future patents. Upon the contract, it’s estimated that HTC will pay Apple between $6-$8 per Android device that they ship.

While that may look bad on paper, HTC China’s President Ray Yam believes the move could actually benefit the company in the future:

“The settlement with Apple will start to pay off next year, and the fourth quarter of this year is still going at a set pace. The biggest benefit to us is that we can put more energy into innovation, which is more important than anything else for a technology company.”

I can see where Yam is going with this. With the numerous patent fights against Apple finally behind them, HTC can now focus their resources on “innovating” and making a quality product rather than wasting time and money fighting against a losing battle against Apple. HTC is poised to make drastic changes in this coming year in how they market and create their products. With their over all market share quickly dwindling down and taken over by Samsung, I’m sure they need all the help they can get.

I for one would love for HTC to make a comeback and stay in the game, thus we’ll see how it turns out for them this year.

source: BGR

Samsung to fix suicidal Galaxy S III’s with a software update

A few weeks ago we reported that a decent number of Galaxy S III users were finding their phones dead after a random motherboard failure. It was assumed that the problem was hardware related, but according to Dutch site Tweakers Samsung has identified it as a software problem that is affecting only a few 16 gigabyte models of the phone. Samsung has already cooked up a software patch to fix the problem and will be sending out the update in the near future. Hopefully the update goes out before your phone does.

Source: Tweakers


HTC M7 smartphone to make appearance at CES 2013?

Amidst all their troubles, including plans to cut back on shipments and models, HTC has been generating a small amount of buzz around one of their devices. Leaked specifications for the new HTC M7 device point toward it becoming the new flagship device for HTC, on par with or surpassing the DROID DNA as a successor to the HTC One X. The question remains as to whether HTC will be able to keep moving forward with such a high end device.

According to one rumor, HTC is preparing to announce the M7 at CES 2013 next week. Twitterer @Football4PDA tweeted earlier today that inside information indicated this would be the case. Along with the CES 2013 rumor, @Football4PDA also mentions the device will have screen buttons instead of hardware buttons.

Check back here at TalkAndroid for our coverage of CES 2013 as we track down this elusive HTC device.

source: @Football4PDA

[Deal] Amazon offering students $50 off a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 for the whole month

Still on the fence on purchasing Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 8.9? Well, now may be your best chance as Amazon is offering $50 off a new HD 8.9 with a valid student .edu e-mail address. You will need to be an Amazon Student Member with an active Prime account (free six-month or $39/year plan). If you’re not an active member, you can sign up using your .edu e-mail address. Definitely a great deal on a great budget tablet! Certainly something you can use towards your studies.

source: Amazon
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CTIA Dropping Second Yearly Event To Create One Super Show

The Wireless Association (CTIA), formerly the Cellular Telephone Industry Association, announced that beginning 2014, it will compress its two yearly trade shows into one “super show” in the fall. Looking back on CTIA 2012, there were plenty of announcements but no device that really stood out. The combined show, being called Super Mobility Week, will allow CTIA a chance to compete for the limelight with shows like the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress which are also in the fall.

Press Release after the break

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Featured Android Game Review: Ant Raid [Arcade & Action]

HeroCraft has a new one out and it’s a dandy. It’s called Ant Raid and it’s basically a battle in the garden. You play the ants and you need to take out armies of bees, snails, and other insects. This game was already a hit on iOS devices, but now it’s available in the Google Play Store for your enjoyment. The initial levels are quite easy, but it gets difficult in a hurry.

Each level is in a different surrounding and you’re given a certain number of ants. As other insects approach, your job is to send some or all of the ants to take out each enemy. You do this by tapping on the screen and a circle appears. As you hold your finger the circle will get larger. The ants that are within that circle will be the ones that attack. Now you just tap where you want to send them. Sounds easy right? Well at first it is, but then things get a little more interesting in that you will have to use some of your leftover ants to rescue other ants. You will also need to figure out how many ants you really need to take out a particular enemy in order to conserve your leftovers for the next enemy. Each insect is different, some are fast, and others are bigger and/or stronger.

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