How to control your home theater with Quick Remote on the LG G2

by Robert Nazarian on
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IR blasters are starting to become the norm on Android phones, which means you can control your home theater system or devices in other rooms in your house. The LG G2 comes with not only an IR blaster, but you will also find the Quick Remote app pre-installed. With Quick Remote, you can add your TV, cable/satellite box, AV receiver, DVD player, and more, so that you can control them via your G2. You can even setup different components for different rooms of your house such as your bedroom, kitchen, den, and office.

Quick Remote is a little limited in that you won’t find built-in programming guide information like Samsung’s WatchON or HTC TV, but it’s easy to setup and it works well. Hit the break for my video showing you how it all works, and be sure to check out our other LG G2 guides.

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  • Qammoora

    Yes it is Great. It worked with Panasonic TV and LG A/C. But it is not working with : Star Link receiver, Mitsubishi A/c and westpoint A.c.

    Can we add them

    • Syed Zillay Ali

      Yes we can add them. All you need to do is pick up the original remote, and follow the step by step guide after clicking on Universal Remote. You’ll have to manually drag and drop the required buttons and tune the frequency for each one. Don’t worry, It will copy the frequency from the original remote.

      • MichalT

        I don’t have a Universal remote option in this app.

        • sss

          It have in G2 but G2 mini can not learn frequency from other remote

      • Renee Bolin

        How do do work the quick remote?

      • Renee Bolin

        Where is the IR button at? Explain a little more on how to work it.

  • Tom

    Works great at Applebees

  • JCk

    Can anyone find an app like this for ios

  • Tristan Hartshorn

    How do you remove a tv from quick remote? Or add new ones?

  • Sara

    How do you remove quick remote from notification bar?

  • My quick remote doesn’t work i

    My quick remote doesn’t work idk why,when i try picking a tv nun of them show