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LG G2 Guides

Oct 8, 2013

How to use Slide Aside on the LG G2

LG introduced Slide Aside with the G2. It allows you quick access to three apps that are currently running in the background. When you want quick access to an app you are currently running, just swip … Read More

Oct 8, 2013

How to use Text Link on the LG G2

The majority of us use SMS text messaging on a daily basis and sometimes we receive messages that include addresses, phone numbers, or date/time information. That’s why LG introduced Text Link … Read More

Oct 8, 2013

How to control your home theater with Quick Remote on the LG G2

IR blasters are starting to become the norm on Android phones, which means you can control your home theater system or devices in other rooms in your house. The LG G2 comes with not only an IR blaste … Read More

Oct 8, 2013

How to multitask on the LG G2 using QSlide apps

If you’re a hardcore multitasker and you own an LG G2, you will want to check out Q Slide apps. Just swipe your finger down to reveal your notification panel. You should see “QSlide apps& … Read More

Oct 7, 2013

How to setup and use Guest Mode on the LG G2

LG added a lot of new features to the LG G2, but one feature that might actually be useful is Guest Mode. It’s LG’s take on stock Android’s multi user accounts for tablets, but LG&# … Read More

Oct 7, 2013

LG G2 software features walkthrough

The LG G2 is one beast in terms of specs, but the user interface is what you’re going to deal with every day. LG has their own UI and it’s far from stock Android. It’s inspired by S … Read More