A Guide To Adding Widgets To The Android Home Screen

Widgets are small web apps that retrieve and display information from the Internet. They are one of the best features added to Google Android 1.5. Here is a simple set of instructions for adding widgets to the home screen of any Android device.

1. Go to the home screen of the Android device (Press the “Home” key).

2. Make sure that there is enough free space on your home screen for the new widget.

3. Choose an empty space for your widget. Tap the space and hold your finger there (long press) until the menu appears. Alternatively, you can press the “Menu” button and then press the “Add” button that should now be available on the screen.

4. Both methods should have resulted in a pop-up menu-window labeled “Add to Home screen”. Tap the menu item labeled “Widgets”.

5. Navigate through the list of installed widgets and select the one you want to place on the home screen. You can scroll through the widgets if the list is too large to fit on the screen in its entirety.

6. Click on the selected widget and you will add it to your home screen.

7. Press the “Home” key. The new widget should appear on the home screen (or wallpaper).

8. To relocate the widget, tap it and hold your finger down. Now you should be able to drag it to the location on the screen that you want.

When you decide you no longer need a widget, to free space or because you are done using it, removing it is even simpler.

1. Tap the widget you want to remove and hold your finger down. The trashcan icon should appear on the Applications Menu (or “slider”) at the bottom of the screen.

2. Drag the widget to the trash can until both the widget and the trash can turn red.

3. Release your finger and you will drop the widget into the trashcan and remove it from the home screen. Note that this does not actually delete or uninstall the widget. It will be available to you in the list of widgets should you decide you need it again.

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    Thanks for the tips. been looking for a while for it.

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      I can’t to add widgets in micromax a35 bolt !!! plz any one help to add the widgets..!!

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    thank you for this tip…… BUT….i have a little problem i wish some of you guys gets the solution…..i have galaxy s2 with tw launcher i love that launcher but i can’t change the widgets on the lower line (it’s icons still the same contacts and msgs and call with home screen)and i want to change it.

    can u please help me for doing that

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    HEy! its not woking for me !my Phone is ZEN M45 ! plzz say me how to do i can’t able to do it! plzz any one help me!

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    Hi everyone, we just posted a somewhat similar guide on our website which includes screenshots if any of you are wondering what it may look like when adding the widget.
    Kind Regards Akosta Apps

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    Suddenly all my widgets disappeared from my home screen and I can’t add them back again either by tapping or by using a menu I musta changed a setting but I don’t know how or how to fix it.

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    Paid for it, but not working at all and can not do what’s sugested. Not happy at all.

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    Why not work whit android 4.0

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    Can I have my refund plz it is not working on my droide razor

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    Its not working on droid 2.3

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    I need help. Is it possible to restore a phone to the previous status before receiving the upgrade. I just recently upgraded with new widgets, but these people failed to warn us that certain standard apps like adobe flash player would not upgrade for android phones past 4.0 and higher. My phone fits that category. I no longer have adobe, can’t watch NFL highights anymore, can’t watch news clips anymore, also physical mailing address info was removed from my phone contact and i can download files for pdf storage but my phone will not open the file. Please, can anybody help? I feel that there were certain things on our phones that were changed and “fixed” that were fine and never broken in the first place.

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    Galaxy tab 7 plus
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    وتمت تجربته مع اليوتيوب و البالتوك …. بنجاح

    – Very good to hear the audio and video if Mono headsets. And has been tested successfully.

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    It is not working properly on Galaxy s2. It is working when playing some video, but not working for audio player.

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    When I press on an empty space the menu is for changing the backround settings.. I posess an android tablet by onda.. soo I’m kinda confused here!

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    i installed widgets from android market on my phone, but in the menu of widgets appear only the first widgets, those that come with the phone… i have a vodafone phone.please help

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    I have tablet HP slate 7 and I paid but I still can’t make it load. I have code

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    Trying to load an opened calendar on my home screen, all my widgits are hidden? How can I unhide my widgits and/ or place an opened calendar on my home screen? I’ve tried the drag and drop thing, got a closed calendar nothing else.

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    I have an android phone made by lg and I can’t find the widgets on my phone to add to my home screen?