Google has a $499 hybrid in the Pixel C


This holiday season, Google has a new tablet for you to consider. The Pixel C debuted earlier this year at Google I/O, surprising everyone by separating itself from the Nexus line. Google is positioning the Pixel C as a high-end tablet focused on productivity. While it’s not quite a laptop, the Pixel C is like Microsoft’s Surface and the very confused Apple iPad Pro. Utilizing a physical keyboard attachment is vital to get the most out of the Pixel C. Like Microsoft and Apple hope for with their premium tablets, Google says the Pixel C merges portability and productivity.

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Samsung releases another Galaxy View specific app aimed at gamers


The Samsung Galaxy View, a mammoth 18.4-inch tablet device, appears to be a niche product. That is not stopping Samsung from throwing resources in the form of app development at the Galaxy View though. We have already seen a family bulletin board style app for the device hit the Play Store and the Galaxy View Remote which turns a smartphone into a mouse to control the tablet. Following in the path of the Galaxy View Remote app, Samsung has released the S Console Gamepad app to turn a smartphone into a gaming controller. Read more

[Deal] Best Buy has Acer’s Iconia Tab 8 for $99


A tablet is probably something on your shopping list for a friend or family member this Christmas. Luckily, not every tablet is going to cause your piggy bank to break. And the ones that are on the more affordable side won’t sacrifice quality. Just don’t walk out of CVS or Walgreens with one of those no-name tablets. Then I can guarantee you wasted your hard-earned money. So consider the Iconia Tab 8 from Acer. Best Buy is selling it right now for just $99.

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[Deal] Google Store discounts Nexus 5X, Huawei Watch, Chromecast bundle, & more


Earlier, we told you about the deals running on the United Kingdom version of the Google Store. Now we’re back to tell you that the Google Store in the United States has its own take on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ll be able to get phones, tablets, smartwatches, Chromebooks, and a lot more at a discounted price from Google.

Hit the break to see every deal!

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[Deal] Amazon slashes the price of its Fire Tablet, Fire TV Stick, Echo and other devices in Black Friday promotion


Black Friday craziness has descended upon us, with everyone and his dog discounting all the items under the sun trying to entice your hard-earned cash out of your wallet, or purse for that matter. Amazon is one of the biggest culprits, cutting prices on its Kindle and Fire hardware in the UK and the US, some of which were already cheap to start with.  Read more