Samsung needs an additional supplier to help produce Galaxy S6 Edge 3D Thermoforming glass


Reports indicate that Samsung has been upping production targets for both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge. Obviously the Galaxy S6 will be the bigger pull, but the Edge won’t be a slouch either.

Samsung’s initial plans were to manufacture roughly 8.5 million glass units for the Edge phone during the 2nd quarter of this year. We detailed the 3D Thermoforming process that’s involved in making the Edge glass so we aren’t surprised that the current supplier might not be able to keep up. The latest report says they can produce roughly 6.5 million units.

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A render of a mysterious new Sony device has surfaced; Possible Z4 design?

sony render

For the past year or two, I’ve always felt Sony’s Xperia Z line has been the most underrated of Android flagships. Thus, I’ve been eagerly waiting to see what they have in mind for their Xperia Z4 device – which brings us to the image above. As you can see, a new Sony render has surfaced and could possibly be our first look at the upcoming Xperia Z4 that’s slated to be unveiled this April with a Summer release.
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Huawei Watch won’t be cheap, but it won’t be super expensive either


The rumors of the Huawei Watch going for $1,000 was obviously insane. Now that everyone is back to earth, we are starting to get an idea of how much this thing of beauty will cost.

It has already shown up with a price of €349 ($370) for the silver and black versions on a German site called Billinger. They are offering the gold version for €399 ($424).

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active allegedly heading to AT&T first


The close relationship between Samsung and AT&T will continue with the upcoming Galaxy S6 Active. The device, according to SamMobile, will launch exclusively on AT&T’s network before making its way to any other carrier. Its model number will be SM-G890A and have similar specifications to the regular Galaxy S6; however, not everything is the same. The measurements and battery size will be altered to meet the rugged and longevity standards of the Active name.

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Samsung announces the rugged Galaxy Xcover 3 with MIL-STD 810G rating

Samsung X-Cover 3 (2)


When the going gets rough, you need a tough phone that will handle the being dropped on to the floor or being submerged in water. To help you out, Samsung has just announced the latest addition to its range of rugged smartphones called the Galaxy Xcover 3, and as you can see from the image above, it certainly looks the part. Join us after the break for more details.
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Additional non-final LG G4 angles show front and side


Recently, we caught a look at what is allegedly a non-final press render of the upcoming LG G4. Only the rear of the device was exposed and showed that LG would keep its setup that debuted on the G2 and reappeared on last year’s G3. The new images, still considered non-final press renders, offers looks at the front and side of the G4. Quite noticeable is the slight curve that the device has. Perhaps LG wants to start implementing the G Flex series’ innovative technologies with its flagship as a key selling point.

Hit the break for an image of the side.

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