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Smartphone Sales Will Nearly Double PCs This Year and Reach 1.5 Billion in 2016

More bad news for PC makers. Business Insider Intelligence released their latest forecast of global smartphone sales, and the numbers are staggering. Recently, smartphone sales surpassed PC sales for the first time, and this year smartphone sales will nearly double PC sales. More amazing, however, is that BI Intelligence predicts that by the year 2016, smartphones will exceed 1.5 billion units sold worldwide.

For comparison, last year there were only 350 million PCs sold, and the total number of mobile phone handsets sold (smart AND dumb) totaled 1.7 billion. Right now, smartphones make up only 10% of all handsets sold. As prices decline, nearly 5 billion existing dumb phones will be getting replaced by smartphones.

The following chart speaks for itself.

The report goes on to say that smartphones will represent almost two-thirds of all mobile phone purchases by 2016, and it will be a $320 billion market by that time. Other analysts are a little more conservative, predicting smartphone unit sales to reach 1 billion by 2015.

Still, any way you slice it, the world is going mobile, and going smart. This bodes well for the future of Android.

source: businessinsider
via: androidauthority