Android Cupcake 1.5 Update May Break A Few Apps

The upcoming Android 1.5 ‘Cupcake’ update is likely to cause a few issues with existing Android applications according to a blog post on the Android developer blog.

Whilst the 1.5 Cupcake update promises to bring new features and functionality to the Android platform, but according to Dan Morrill “some of you will need to fix some problems in your apps before you can start taking advantage of Android 1.5.”

Google have tested a number of the most popular Android apps available from the Android Market and have discovered that a large number were broken due to “bad techniques” within the development.

In order to aid developers in updating their apps, and for new developers looking to get started with the 1.5 SDK, Googlr have created a list of five things to avoid when building an Android app.

The five techniques to avoid include:

  1. Using Internal APIs
  2. Directly Manipulating Settings
  3. Going Overboard with Layouts
  4. Bad Hardware Assumptions
  5. Incautious Rotations

[via Android Developer Blog +]

  • DzzD

    “….discovered that a large number were broken due to ‘bad techniques’ within the development….”
    clap! clap! If google said that this is really ridiculous… Google dont do any error but the World do…. and that’s only for the “most popular”….

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