[Update] Chrome for Android Receives Update, Custom ROM Users Beware



Chrome Beta for Android received an update this morning and was brought up to version 0.16. When we first noticed the update this morning there was no changelog and here it is 8 hours later and still nothing. I was hoping to be able to give you guys some kind of idea what to officially expect but without a changelog I have to go off of what I noticed throughout the day’s use and multiple reader reports.

There are no new features or additions to be found, but I noticed much faster navigation between bookmarks and open tabs. Another thing myself and a few readers noticed is that it breaks compatibility with some custom ICS ROMs. My Galaxy Tab 10.1 that’s ¬†running a CM9 kang lost Chrome compatibility all together. Even though the device is running Android 4.0.3, Chrome tells me that my device needs ICS in order to be compatible. On the other hand, my Galaxy Nexus is running Code Named Droid and I haven’t seen any problems at all. I guess it all depends on if you are rooted and what custom ROM you are running. You may want to back a backup in case you need to fall back to the previous version.

For those of you who have a stock version of ICS, I highly recommend grabbing the update and you can do so through the links below. I am sure you too will notice the vast speed improvements, but if you find anything new let us know in the comments!

Update: Google finally posted a change log and they are also aware that users want the ability to switch between mobile and desktop views. We can probably expect that feature to be included in the next update. For those who lost custom ROM compatibility (i.e. CM9) there is a workaround if you are comfortable messing with your build.prop. The problem lies within the ROMs build ID + fingerprint because some of them use a Gingerbread instead of ICS. You can change the build.prop from “Gingerbread” to “IML47K” and you should be up and running again.

The official changelog is as follows:

  • Android Beam support – now beam URLs from Chrome to other devices with NFC.
  • Support for additional countries
  • Compatibility checks to ensure system prerequisites for Chrome are met
  • Essential bug fixes


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    The update didn’t break Team Passion’s Euphoria ICS ROM.