NEC Announces Three Mysterious Smartphones, Details To Follow At MWC



Smartphone  developer NEC has announced 3 new intriguing handests and will showcase them at MWC next week. Each of the devices will be featured as NEC’s “best cloud devices”– which essentially means the devices will integrate with cloud services better than the competition out there. Also judging by the screenshots, all three devices look as if they will not only run Ice Cream Sandwich, but the version of ICS looks to be a pure, untouched version.

Each device has its own unique characteristics and design. The first unnamed device features a dual-screen setup. You can fold the screens from inside to outside, turning the smartphone into a mini-tablet. There are no specifics on features, but it looks as if the device will likely have a monster battery in order to power both screens. The second device features a thin design and large screen display, likely at 4.5 or 4.7-inches. The final device also skimps on the details, but we do know it will be waterproof and feature a “fast-acting” camera.

We’re expecting the formal details for the device to surface at MWC, so stay tuned with Talk Android for any additional news on these mysterious devices.


source: GetNews JP
via: Androinica