Motorola Claims Apple Has Filed EU Patent Complaint

In another addition to the Apple vs Motorola saga, it appears that Apple has formally filed a European patent complaint against Motorola Mobility. Motorola, in a regulatory filing, issued the following statement.

“On February 17, 2012, the company received a letter from the European Commission notifying it that the Commission has received a complaint against Motorola Mobility, Inc. by Apple, Inc. regarding the enforcement of MMI’s standards-essential patents against Apple allegedly in breach of MMI’s FRAND (fair and reasonable) commitments.”

Motorola, currently in the process of an acquisition by Google,  won an injunction against Apple in Germany back in November. The European Commission polices competition between companies in the EU, and is currently investigating Samsung in a breach of anti-trust against Apple. This could be an interesting – albeit tedious at times – battle to watch.

source: reuters