Video: Lego Mindstorm Remote Control for Android 2.1 & 1.6

Who doesn’t love Lego? Who doesn’t love Android? Well YouTube user freedroidz obviously loves both and that’s exactly why he decided to create a remote control for Lego Mindstorm NXT robots. It connects via bluetooth and unfortunately is still in an alpha state. Once it’s stable enough, he plans on making it available on the Android Market. Obviously that picture isn’t why you came here, so check out the videos after the break.

Mindstorm Remote Control for Android 2.1

Mindstorm Remote Control for Android 1.6

Taken from the video descriptions:

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freedroidz is a free project which offers an easy introduction to software development. Our main target is, to make software development as a subject in school more interesting. We’ve made a few workshops with pupils so far which confirmed our philosophy that programming is easy.

  • David

    If your willing to spend a few dollars there is already a really good Android remote control app called ‘NxtRemote’ on the Android Market. The NxtRemote app is skinnable and extendable using javascript too!

    You can see it in action here:-