Motorola Atrix 4G Soak Test About To Get Underway

Well folks it looks like the Atrix 4G soak test we previously told you about is finally about to commence. Motorola has indicated the following heads up on the imminent update:

“Tomorrow after 12 Central/10 Pacific, you will receive a pop-up message on your phone that will mark the beginning of  the software pre-release test.”

Of course we speculate it’s likely the 4.5.141 software update bringing Gingerbread 2.3.5 and a few other enhancements. But part of me wants to reaaaaaaaaaally hope and believe it’s a surprise sweeter treat. Stay tuned with Talk Android for any further updates on the rollout of this mysterious update for Atrix 4G soak test participants.


Thanks Anonymous!

  • Anonymous. Îç§

    It is our time I sit here and watch and wait we for google and android to do the right thing I don’t see it going to happen it is 6 o’clock my time pacific standard time 1 month from now I guarantee you I will release a rom I will be full ice cream sandwich we will call it vanilla chocolate and strawberry it’s google does not want to put in a Rom And all they want to do is give us anobody Crappy ginger update Don’t anybody think of doing iti It is only way for them to control you more Hi mark 1 month from todayI No x d a involvement. 1 man can do it I deffly and then man Disappointed and tired of waiting Trying to force me to quit buying a new phone for its operating system We should not have to sell our phones or get rid of them Go back to apple Apple apple has all the good updates Bunch of shit There are other rum builders out there working on the same issue But when you have shitheads writing code that have no idea what the hell they’re doing you wind up with a bad ROM The newest 1 I seen is hey I have ice cream sandwich but my camera doesn’t work Then why put it out there We’re not your guinea pigs anymore I am no ones guinea pig I will come back to the same site 1 month from now With a link On where you can download the rom you all have been waiting 4 1 month is not long to ask for a long time to waitwe It is better than not getting it at allthey And remember everybody loves ice creamsandwich Sorry for any typos I type pretty damn quick Return in 1 month free a new rom It will take you to youtube video explaining how to install it very simple We all know how to do itis Google does not want us to have it they call this phone the fastest phone in the world Go to motorola’s website Lookup the motorola ATRIX 4G. Learn at all the good thing is you can do With it but you cannot have the new update 4.0 It’s almost like a piece of ice cream is being waived in my face as a f****** tease Today it ends I have been working on this rom for a little over 2 months now in 1 month I will be ready to release it I didn’t think they were gonna come through I know what everybody wants in a phonethe Speed reliability no crashes And yes we will have a 1080i. And 1080p Camera settings Laptop will just work instead of buying 100 dollar doc You’re from your kernel everything will get a little faster Be able to customize anything you wantto That’s the way we should all have it do you not agree. This may not be on the site long but I will find other places to post it I post them on last month and a man took it down Stayed up for minutes 58 seconds though I know what everyone is looking for my prom will not disappoint anyone And it is 100 percent made in the U.S.A WHEN I WAS A KID THAT’S FOR ALL THE GOOD HACKERS CAME FROM 1 month from today. Îǧ FIT BÔŸ

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       where will this be posted . if i may ask,specially since i would like to have it.

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        same here