Motorola scores a victory over Apple as the German patent battle continues

It was only yesterday we wrote about Apple’s claims against Samsung in Germany and just as one would expect, the saga continues.

This time it’s Motorola’s turn to go up against the Cupertino giants although, just to break the usual trend, it’s Apple’s turn in the dock. The groundwork for this case was actually laid back in November when Motorola won an injunction against the sale of Apple products in Germany.

In an unexpected twist, a German judge has ruled in Motorola’s favour, granting two permanent injunctions. Motorola has really gone for the jugular on this one too, dealing two major blows to Apple’s products in Germany :

Injunction passed preventing the sale of various iOS products

Apple has already removed the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, as well as all 3G-enabled iPads from its online store.  The iPhone 4s is the only device still available online. All devices are still for sale at retail outlets.

Injunction passed preventing the use of push e-mail services

The Mannheim Regional Court has granted a permanent injunction preventing the use of the iCloud and MobileMe push e-mail services on German devices. Whilst users in Germany will still be able to use e-mail services, there will be no push option.  They will need to set their device to check for new e-mail at pre-defined intervals.

I’m ordinarily the first person in line to poke fun at our Apple owning friends however, on this occasion I have to say I take little pleasure in reading about cases like this.  There are no real winners as these patent wars rage on and Android users have missed out on features over the years due to similar claims.  In cases such as these, Apple may lose on the day but inevitably it’s the consumer who is losing out in the long run.


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About the Author: Chris Stewart

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  • Albert Rabuyo


    Taste of their own medicine.

  • Someone

    Android users don’t really lose out. all software features can be replaced by 3rd party apps that fly under the radar

    Hardware wise? all companies are about the same in terms of cpu/ graphics power.

    It’s only companies that rely solely on their own unique OS that will be harmed severely. not selling any phone for any extendEd period of time will prove disastrous to their bottom line.

  • Anonymous

    Yes the patent wars are silly but im glad apple have got some of their own medicine, maybe they will take a different look at what has become their standard business practice of litigation before innovation?

  • Cycnus

    I think apple need to sit down for a while and really think their future. The crazy man, steve jobs, were dead, and there is no point in pursuing the crazy man idea to crush android.

    Let be honest that motorola, samsung, sony, etc already in Cellular business long before apple come in. and when apple come into this territory apple will use others technology. so why not apple share their technology, while samsung, moto, sony, etc share theirs. no body lose…

    moral of the story…
    steve jobs is crazy and greedy
    he’s gone.
    get over it….
    if apple don’t get this one
    this would be apple last stand.