Motorola’s Release of “Developer Edition” RAZR Ignites Online Protest, MOSH 2.0 Commenced

Well I thought most folks would be excited about the fact that Motorola is releasing an unlockable edition of the Droid RAZR, however that move is leaving a bad taste in their mouthes. While it does lend to the saying “give an inch, take a mile,” I can honestly see why. Those that recently bought the locked RAZR feel slighted, bamboozled or hoodwinked in the release of this device; so much in fact that disgruntled Motorola users are joining forces and starting online petitions. These petitions are in an effort to raise awareness to Motorola’s lack of follow through in regards to promises of unlocking bootloaders.

Operation: MOSH (Make Ourselves Heard) is out to raise awareness much like they did last year when they applied pressure to Motorola to unlock their bootloaders in the first place. Motorola promised to comply back in January of 2011, and again in April and also stated that we would see bootloaders unlocked on all their devices by the end of 2011. Given that we are almost through the first month of 2012 and we have yet to see an unlocked bootloader until now; people are frustrated that their devices are still locked up tighter than Fort Knox. The demands of this movement are quite basic. They are:

“To let Moto know that this ‘Developer Edition’ had better be available either as a trade for our devices, paying the difference, or not at all, since we all bought our devices in hopes that they would keep their word in the first place.”

If you are one of these folks that want to get on board you can sign the online petition by hitting the source link below for starters. If that isn’t far enough for you, you can email Moto executives, file FCC complaints and so on. All those details and links can be found on the XDA thread here. Here’s hoping that Motorola understands and is sympathetic to your frustrations, but like all movements of change you must first make yourself heard. Good luck.


source: MOSH Online Petition
via:  Phandroid

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