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Pew Research: Tablet Ownership Nearly Doubled Over The Holidays

Tablets continue to find their ways into the homes and offices of consumers. In fact, ownership of tablets and e-readers nearly doubled over the U.S. holiday season according to Pew Research. They found only 10 percent of Americans owned either a tablet and e-Reader in December, but ownership for both skyrocketed to 19 percent in January. In addition, Pew found 18 percent of Americans owned one or the other before the holiday rush while 29 percent had either an e-reader or a tablet in January. The findings are especially surprising because they come after a period from mid-2011 into the autumn in which there was not much change in the ownership of tablets and e-book readers.

In case you’re curious, while there are a variety of tablets for consumers, Pew identified two in particular that stood out. Both the Kindle Fire and Nook tablets likely had the most impact of all. Perhaps it was the solid set of specs or the ability to access a world of information. Or it could have been those shockingly low prices. Whatever the reason may be, consumers have embraced tablets and e-readers with open arms. Here’s to continued growth for those types of devices.

[via Pew Research by Electronista]