Vodafone HTC Magic Details Surface

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According to a report from BoyGeniusReport.com, Vodafone are set to unveil their first Android powered mobile phone exclusively to their European network.

What we all presumed to be the HTC G2, is apparently now the HTC Magic.

It is believed the HTC Magic will feature HSPA, WiFi and GPS connectivity along with a 3.2 megapixel camera and will include the onscreen keypad functionality from the Android Cupcake development branch.

Precise details on the HTC Magic are a little thin, but it is widely believed that more information on this Vodafone Android handset will be revealed during the Mobile world Congress 2009 that is taking place this week.

Vodafone are a leading UK mobile phone carrier offering a number of mobile phone handsets, sim only deals, and mobile broadband packages.

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[via BoyGeniusReport.com]

  • http://www.silverknife.co.uk Mark Hewitt

    Ha ha ha! Oh, thank God. I was expecting to bitterly resent the G2 if it upstaged the G1 I just bought…but that is a stunningly ugly phone. Looks like I made the right choice after all :)

  • Matt Marnell

    Wow, Mark. I hope you are being sarcastic. The Magic is a definite stylistic improvement over the G1.

  • http://www.silverknife.co.uk Mark Hewitt

    You think so? Nasty fake-silver plastic finish, and the case looks like it was dented not designed…maybe it’s just the image on this post.

  • http://www.thegadgets.net Awais Naseer Keyani

    why is it so similar to G1??? I was expecting a phone like iPhone!!!

  • unknown

    when is it coming out in the United states

  • http://ufammink.com MrWest_Ink

    See this is what pisses me off about T-Mobile, they seem to always be behind the ball for the 5 years I’ve been with them now (I have 4 lines by the way). This is clearly going to be the G2 but the question is “when is T-Mobile going to release the damn thing?”.

    I own a G1 and I’m def in love with the Android OS but if T-Mobile continues to disappoint on transparency on release dates along with improvement to it’s network and service, AT & T and Apple will have another subscriber. By the way Mark is absolutely insane because this design is way sexier than the G1.

  • Scaramartin

    We now have them both and they are actually very similar asthetically. However, the G1 is quite a bit thicker, taller and heavier due to the keyboard, which the G2 doesn’t have/need. I understand that Vodafone spent more money on the development of their version.

  • http://www.htcmagic.me.uk Tracey Anderton

    I found this website was really good, they published the HTC Magic user manual on their homepage which really helped me :-)

  • http://sovmasteru.ru Глеб Рубин

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