[Download] Enjoy Some Ice Cream Sandwich on your DROID X with CM9 Based ROM EncounterICS X


Any Droid X owners out there, that like me, are a bit depressed they can’t get a Galaxy Nexus right now? Well, here is something that made my day and should make yours too. Rootzwiki member firstEncounter has whipped up a CM9 based ICS ROM for the Droid X and let me be the first to tell you, it’s FAST and Ice Cream Sandwich tastes great! Be warned though that this is a beta, so do not flash this ROM unless your prepared to deal with some bugs and certain things not working. I also haven’t been running this ROM long enough to express any battery concerns, but this is a great treat to be able to try out ICS on the X and see what everyone is clamoring about for myself. If you need help or more details, be sure to head over to the Rootzwiki thread in the source link for all the details and fixes. Links to download and a list of what currently works and what doesn’t are right after the break.

Downloads (it may be necessary to wipe data and cache first): EncounterICS X | GApps (you’ll need to flash this with the ROM)

What works:

  • Radio (including 3G, calls, SMS)
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • 2D (hardware accelerated!) & 3D (kinda buggy)
  • Wifi (if it doesn’t work, reboot)
  • Sensors (including rotation/accelerometer)
  • Audio (DSP force closes rarely, but still works)
  • SD Card
  • All hardware buttons
  • Charging
  • USB
  • It’s fast!

What doesn’t:

  • Camera
  • Voice Input (excluding calls)
  • MMS
  • Speakerphone (sounds + music still work through speaker)
  • Possibly more.

Known bugs + workarounds:

  • SD doesn’t mount over USB
    • Run “su” and then “echo /dev/block/mmcblk0 > /sys/devices/platform/usb_mass_storage/lun0/file” in Terminal Emulator or via ADB.
  • Gallery FC’s when gapps is installed.
    • Disable “Sync Google-photos” for all of your accounts.
  • Google Talk FC’s.
  • Sometimes a reboot is necessary for settings to stick/activate.
  • Calendar sync is broken. (?)
  • Keypad while in a call is extremely laggy.
  • Wifi/3G trade-off might not work until rebooted.
  • Phone freezes when taken off car dock.
  • Lots of other bugs can be fixed by simply rebooting.

  • Anonymous

    lol android

  • Beadroid

    Just installed ROM unbelivable. Just the same as my buddys Nexus

    • Harold Williams

      I know right? So awesome though we might not see a camera working anytime soon if ever =(

  • raymond

    my phone was updating and it froze at moto sign. what should i do?
    Can someone please help me

  • Mrgarett

    Is it really worth it if u lose 
    CameraVoice Input (excluding calls)MMSSpeakerphone (sounds + music still work through speaker)Possibly more.