CyanogenMod V6 RC-1 Available For Evo 4G

The wait for Evo users is finally over. Cyanogen and his team has finished making a stable version of CyanogenMod V6 and has released it for everyone to check out. Just so everyone knows, the “RC” stands for Release Candidate, which just means there will still be some minor tweaks before the release has been completely polished. Cyanogen’s team never stops working on their ROMs until everything is as perfect as possible.

For anyone that doesn’t know, CyanogenMod ROMs have been around since the G1 and have been at the top of every device ROM list since then. They dedicate much of their time and effort to making sure that the android community gets the best experience out each of our phones, all for the occasional beer. Their latest release is based off of Android 2.2 (Froyo), so get ready for 2-3X faster UI, Flash Support, Apps2SD, and all of the other new features.

There are some downsides, which you should definitely note before installing the ROM. Even though the release is stable, there are some things that don’t work right now: 4g, FM Radio, and HDMI. They are being worked on throughout the day, so a fix should be available soon. You will also probably want to check out the threads for the Android Market fix and Facebook fix. Oh yeah, and you will lose Sense UI by installing CyanogenMod. Not only is it not included, it will never be a part of Cyanogen’s ROMs, so if that’s something you love then don’t install this.

Disclaimer: Cyanogen and his team (and myself) is not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,  thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications.

So, without making you wait any longer, here are the instructions:

  • You must be rooted for this to work. There is an easy step-by-step guide from Gizmodo that should work for anyone. This will wipe all of your data so I would recommend doing a backup that the guide gives you instructions for.
  • Download latest version of Cyanogen Mod here (mirror link here)
  • Download Google Apps addon here (Cyanogen can no longer include this in his ROMs due to copyright, so you’ll need to install them after installing CyanogenMod)

  • Download ROM Manager from the Android Market and flash ClockworkMod Recovery (the first option available in the menu).

  1. Do  a Nandroid Backup. This should always be done before installing a new ROM. There is a option in ROM Manager to do this without any effort from you. In case your phone doesn’t install it correctly, you will need to go into recovery mode. Using the volume keys to move up/down and the camera button to select, choose “nandroid”. Then select “Restore” and select the backup you made. the files are set up by the date for reference.
  2. Move both .zip files to your SD Card (root is easiest to do and works best)
  3. Go into ROM Manager and select “Install ROM from SD Card.” Then scroll through the menu until you find the CyanogenMod V6 RC-1 .zip file and select it. If you are coming from no ROM or something other than CyanogenMod V6, select you must wipe data/cache. If you were using a nightly version you don’t need to wipe anything.
  4. Select “Okay” and your phone will reboot into recovery. After the ROM is finished installing your phone should reboot. You now have CyanogenMod V6!
  5. To install Google Apps, go into Recovery (Instructions here. Type CTRL + F and search for “Section 4: Manual Nand. Backup/Restore. You will only need the first 2 steps). Using the volume control for up/down and the camera but to select, choose “install zip from sd card”. Then go down and select “choose zip from sd card.” Scroll down until you find the google apps zip and select it. After the install, select “reboot system now.” You should now have Google Apps again.

Let us know below how smooth the ROM is and if there are any bugs. If you are having any trouble head over to this thread and check to see if the answer has already been posted.

[via XDA Developers]

  • Danny

    I just wanted to clarify a couple of things.

    RC =/= stable. Cyanogen typically maintains two branches for devices, a stable branch and an experimental branch. CM6.0-RC1 is in the experimental branch and will be moved to the currently vacant stable branch for the EVO once everything is working. To follow the progress and get in on the discussion, just visit

    Also, the statement about CyanogenMod being “at the top of every device ROM list” is a bit exaggerated since until recently it was only developed for the G1/Dream, myTouch/Magic, Droid, and Nexus One, and those devices are the only ones that actually have stable CM builds (eclair-based) at the moment. Lately, there is huge effort being made to bring CM to as many devices as possible, but the team can only develop for devices that they have. Hence why requests for CM on devices like the Cliq, Moment, and Legend have largely gone unanswered.