Firefox Nightlies Incorporate Flash Despite Adobe Discontinuing It

Adobe discontinuing Flash support for mobile browsers came as a shock for most when the announcement was made. What is even more surprising is that even with this announcement Firefox has implemented the plug-in into its nightly builds. While those who have installed the mobile version of the popular web browser have been calling it for a while now, even developers are puzzled. Dknite was quoted to say in his blog:

“Since Firefox’s for Android inception back in March 2010, the top request and comment is ‘We want Flash, We Want Flash!’  Why people want that buggy plugin still floors me today, but Mozilla’s heard you loud and clear.”

So while I haven’t tested this personally, those of you interested in taking it for a test run can download the file below and let us know what you think of it in the comments section. Make sure that when you go to manually install it, that you have the Unknown Sources option checked under the application area of your settings.  With Flash being discontinued it will be interesting to see how long flash support will remain in any of the browsers. Who knows, maybe Sibblingz Spaceport 3.0 will take the place of Flash down the road.


[via Dknite]

  • bolski

    Pretty much a moot point now. Anyways, I like DolphinHD better.

    Of course, I’m anxiously awaiting Chrome for Droid.