Google’s answer to Flipboard could launch this week

We told you about Google’s new social news reader, code-named Propeller, about a month ago, and it looks like a launch could take place this week. Propeller will be a lot like Flipboard, which has been a big hit on the Apple iPad. It will also compete with the likes of Pulse, Taptu, and News360. Furthermore, we are hearing Yahoo! will also launch a similar offering this Wednesday called Livestand.

We aren’t sure if Propeller will be the actual name since it’s a code name, but there are reports that “Currents” could be the choice. It’s an HTML5 reader, and it will be available for both Android and the Apple iPad. Propeller will have plenty of media partners, and it will integrate with the Google+ social network.

Of all the social news reader offerings, Flipboard has been a leader, which is why Google tried to buy them last year. When that didn’t work, Google decided to create their own, which they warned Flipboard they would do.

Yahoo! also plans on making a splash with Livestand this Wednesday. They originally announced their intentions back in February at Mobile World Congress. We’re unsure how they will distribute it or even if they will release an Android app, but we assume they will. I’m sure we will find out more this Wednesday.

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to Propeller or Livestand or are you sticking with one of the current offerings like Pulse?

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About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • odd

    To explain what propeller is, you compare it to a similar app. For people who don’t know that app (like me with flipboard), it gives use no further info about the app than being a “social news reader”, which is pretty vague.

    This isn’t the first time I see this here, so I suggest you explain the apps you present so we know wth you’re talking about :)

  • Matt

    I’m just sticking with Google Reader and Google+.

  • Droid fanboy

    I second what ‘odd’ said! This happens a lot and is very frustrating.

  • Curt

    20 seconds of Google search

    1 minute of looking at the website

    here is a link explaining flipboard

  • odd

    The point of readings news website is to not have to google info. I’m not saying it’s hard or anything, it’s just good journalism to include a short paragraph explaining what you’re talking about.

  • Bronwyn

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