Clues Implicate Nexus Prime In Samsung’s Unpacked Event At CTIA

Clues may have surfaced about the device Samsung will showcase for their Unpacked event at the CTIA next month and the prime suspect seems to be the Nexus Prime. Check out this image of finalists from the CTIA 2011 Hot for the Holidays Awards and notice especially the “Gamer & Entertainment Enthusiast” category where “a product to be announced from Samsung” is cryptically listed. Let’s now consider that the event takes place on October 11th, the same month as the rumored release of Ice Cream Sandwich, the very Android OS that the next Nexus device will run and of which will pack a very gamer-friendly 4.65-inch display (720p HD resolution) and 1.5 GHz dual core processor.

Do we have winner? Maybe, although these details hardly amount to a smoking gun. What do you think?

[via maplesyrup]

  • Piquedram

    I really wish it to be the next Nexus, but I have my doubts.
    I would think Google wants to announce the next generation Nexus device themselves.
    Meanwhile, I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for an EU launch asap.

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