Desire Z All Set For Gingerbread “In The Coming Weeks” Says HTC

We can hear them now, all of the Desire Z owners saying “Hellz yeah!”  Yeah, we feel ya.  HTC has recently sent out acknowledgements that its European version of the G2, is near the end of its testing phase and the Gingerbread 2.3 update should be arriving on devices “in the coming weeks”.  Better than nothing right?

Thanks to everyone whos been patiently waiting for the Gingerbread update for Desire Z. We are in the last stages of testing and plan to start rolling out the update over the air in the coming weeks. It may take a little time to reach all of you across every network but it should have reached everyone by the end of the month.
So there you have it Z owners.  HTC has not left your device in the dust, they were just working on other things.  Feel free to sound off in the comments if you want.

[via intomobile]

  • Jeff Loper

    “Hellz yeah!” is right :)

  • B-Rad

    Well….what about the G2, when will G2 owners get it?

  • thazleem

    Finally… I had started thinking that the z was a bastard son HTC had disowned. I was all set to switch to cm7 next week. But i still might coz I also have the feeling HTC doesn’t care much for it’s customers in the middle east and the update can take ages to reach here, if it does at all…