ASUS 13-inch Android notebook may be in the works

ASUS definitely wants to be a big contender with Android. The Eee Pad Transformer is probably the most popular tablet and they have announced some interesting devices for later this year.

Now news has come out that they may be planning a 13-inch notebook and the power and pricing could be more attractive than the Transformer’s. This is strictly a rumor, but launch plans supposedly have already been made and it will pack a NVIDIA processor. For the processor itself, only quad-core ARM SOCs were mentioned. Could this be the Kal-El quad core chip that is expected in August?

We already know that the Kal-El has been installed in a Windows 8 prototype laptop so this is not out of the question.

Rumor has it that we might be seeing a lot of $299 notebooks with ARM-powered processors in the near future.

[via engadget]