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ASUS Transformer, kernel release to overclock to 1.504 GHz

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is probably at the top of the list of many, in part due to its innovative form factor. This device comes stock running a Dual-Core Nvidia Tegra 2 1 GHz processor. Sure that not bad, and the norm for the tablets being released lately. Well that just isn’t acceptable apparently for some.

Over at XDA, member – Blades – has¬†successfully¬†overclocked the ASUS Transformer to 1.504 GHz. Now that’s blazing fast. This comes after member – netarchy – overclocked the device to 1.4 which was was amazing as well. Where would we be without these guys? Probably stock.

The kernel has be released over in the XDA forums for the 1.504 overclock. Its been tested many times and proves to be stable. So if you have that need for speed, and want that brand new tablet to push the limits, head over to the XDA thread.

Note: It looks as if since the time the XDA article was put out, the dev has actually got the Transformer overclocked to 1.6 GHz now, posted the kernel, and is ready to push the device to 1.7 GHz. This is awesome! You’ll definitely have to subscribe to the thread and keep a close watch as this develops.

[via xda]

  • Jc

    The g tablet has had its tegra 2 overclocked to 1.7 for a long time now. I wonder if thats where this kernel was modded from? Clemsyn and pershoot were the devs I think. Cool though that this got overclocked that high the though. G tabs only $250 now too