App Lock – Keep unwanted snoopers out!

Do you often worry about people getting a little to curious when you, being the kind soul you are, let them use your phone? I’m sure there’s not one of us out there that doesn’t have at least one text message, photo or video we’ve taken of ourselves or something else that we just may not want the world to see. (I don’t of course!)

Well the developer of App Lock – caotiantupi – has designed an application that’ll give us all a little peace of mind. With this app you can add your private applications that you wish for no one to infiltrate, to a locked app list. This can be used with any application you own. Here are a few features:

  • Three unlocking method to select: numeric password, draw pattern and cool gesture pattern.
  • Cool background picture for gesture pattern.
  • One click to add unlocked app to locked apps list.
  • One click to return locked app to unlocked app list.
  • When visitor mode, enter password to open locked apps.
  • When master mode, no need to enter password to open locked apps.

Head on over to the XDA thread and get all the info and links to download the app.

[via xda]

  • Paul Hilchey-Chandler

    Just installed…love it…peace of mind!!