HTC Confirms Thunderbolt And Evo 4G Will Receive Gingerbread 2.3 By End Of Q2

I know you HTC Evo fans and Thunderbolt early adopters have been asking, for quite some time now, the same question over and over again, “where is my Gingerbread update?”  Here’s a little something to provide some hope over the next couple of months regarding the Android 2.3 update coming to your device.  A faithful reader of ours was generous enough to send in a response he received from HTC when he inquired about receiving the update.  Hit the break for the reply in its entirety and head here if you want to see TalkAndroid’s Chief Editor, Dustin’s review of the Thunderbolt in great detail and its comparison to the Evo 4G.  

Good question, Derek! We understand how important it is to have the
latest updates for your device.

I’m happy to inform you that both the Evo and the Thunderbolt are
definitely on our list to receive the 2.3 Android OS update.
At this time, we don’t have an exact launch date, nor are we .
However, we estimate that it will be available in the second quarter
of 2011 (anywhere from the beginning of April, to the end of June),
assuming that there are no major setbacks. Once we have a better idea
of when this update will be available for your phone, we’ll be sure to
announce it through Facebook ( and Twitter
(, and of course,

We’re not aware of any immediate plans for a tablet for the Verizon
network. However, The Evo View will also have a wi-fi only version
that you will be able to purchase through Best Buy.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us, Derek.

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully
answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email
address and your ticket number 11USCW15ENA002820.




So what do you think?  Will you be able to make it until at least the end of Q2?  If not, you know it’s no surprise that we have a pretty active hacking community going on at the TalkAndroid forums and over at XDA as well. So don’t hesitate to dive right in.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[thanks Derek McAferty!]

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  • Mitch

    HTC is just that cool they announce stuff via Twitter and Facebook. I look forward to 2.3 on my thunderbolt :P

  • Jason

    You got to love how htc & vzw are the thunderbolt hasn’t even been out a month yet it’s already getting 2.3 yet since it’s brand new we surely need to please the people who bought the thunderbolt & make sure they get gingerbread right away as apposed to lets say the people who have the droid incredible, our even the droids x or droid 1& 2. Yeah those customers are important anymore they are locked into a 2 year agreement so screw them & they can wait & wait & even though when we released those phones we promised they would be getting gingerbread but f*** em they either need to pay us more money by upgrading to the thunderbolt or waiting. If they even get it at all muah haha ha ha. Douches.

    Thanks Htc VZW for again keeping your word as to not forgetting about the customers who got those devices in a, timely fashion. I don’t know about anybody else but I just can’t live without VZW Vcast apps & ringtones u have to PAY FOR! You know when there are crappy apps like Zedge or there with there free ringtones or how I could just use my very own mp3’s to make my own with ringdroid. But you know htc vzw take your time I must have mt vcrap apps & ringtones. So no rush at all out if at all bcoz our phones are old news. It’s a, good thing all the customers who bought those devices only you know sold millions of them net your companies billions of dollars but I’m sure u guys are hard at work bringing those updates as quickly as possible. & google get off your ass & stop letting carriers screw around with your os updates. I love android huge fan but this imo is the only area that ios has droids beat.

  • Jason

    Freaking swype