Motorola Droid X preview

Feast your eyes on what probably has something to do with a tiny little announcement made by a couple of companies you might of heard of. The Droid X, with its 4.4in screen, is without a question, Motorola and Verizon’s answer to the HTC and Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G. But enough boring words, check out some more pictures of this gorgeous phone:

So there you have it, pretty sexy no? For a LOT more pictures in addition to a few videos, head on over to engadget.

  • motorola droid

    first of all, hooooooo, an excellent phone with quality features. I and my wife both really like this features and we are waiting when it will launched in U.S. Thank to share its quality features.

  • K. Mitchell

    Will it talk and receive calls? The market and apps are great but can you talk on it in fringe areas? My first Moto droid (no) HTC incredible (no) and now LG ally some better.