Want unlimited skips, songs, and options on Pandora for FREE?

edit: as of right now the apk files have been taken down. As soon as they are put back up I will let you know!

Nope, I’m not kidding. Keais over at XDA has not only themed the Pandora App, but tweaked it so that you can skip any amount you want, and listen to as much as you want. Too good to be true? Nope. Streaming music for the past half hour and my account shows no sign of being affected. On top of that (as if it wasn’t enough already) it has no ads. Yes, music fans, this is reason to rejoice and party.

You do not need to root. Simply download the apk file, open it using whatever file explorer app you have (AndroZip, Astro, Root Explorer, etc), and select install. Make sure you don’t have any other version of Pandora installed before you do.

It is currently themed in Red, White, and Blue and can come with clear widgets of all three of those colors.

Check out this beauty. Happy listening.

Side Note: Do not update the app in the Market. You’ll lose all of the goodies.

  • http://virgentech.com Hector

    Don’t be surprised if Pandora bans your account.

  • Allen

    I’ve been using a similar way to do this with Pandora for months and my account is fine.

  • Brian Rubin

    I kinda have to agree with Hector here.

  • Jean-Loup

    Does this work outside the US? I wouldn’t have any issues with the amount of skips or the ads if it would just work here in the UK once more

  • B-Rad

    UPDATE: They removed the link off the thread

  • sarah

    I love music all the time i love pandora one