Google officially closes the talent acquisition deal with HTC

Late last year it was announced that Google and HTC had worked out a deal for the search giant to acquire some of HTC’s workforce and patents while remaining HTC to remain autonomous. The deal likely came out of HTC’s financial struggles and the partnership between the two companies with the Pixel line, but as of today, it’s officially been closed.

Going forward, those employees for HTC that were part of the deal are now Google employees, and Google will expand its footprint into the Asia Pacific region.

As of right now, there’s no concrete plan for what this means for either company. We’re still expecting regular releases from HTC, and as far as anyone knows, Google probably hasn’t drastically changed their plan for the Pixel 3 just yet. We’ll probably start to see some HTC influence in Google products down the pipeline, but for right now it’s all speculation.

source: Google