World’s first Chrome OS tablet makes unscheduled début at BETT Show 2018

It’s no secret that the tablet market is stagnant to the point of being comatose, with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 being the most recent high-end tablet available to purchase, and that launched all the way back at MWC 2017. Perhaps there is hope for the tablet segment though in the form of Google’s increasingly capable Chrome OS, which has been spotted running on an unspecified Acer branded tablet at the annual BETT show in London, UK. 

As you can see from the main image that comes courtesy of a tweet by Alistair Payne (@Alister_Payne) that has since been deleted but picked up by ChromeUnboxed, the Acer tablet would seem to have an 8 or 9-inch display. You can clearly see the Chrome browser logo on the lower left of the display, next to what is probably Back and Home buttons. On the bottom right, there are icons for Battery, Sound, Vibration, WiFi, Time, as well as possibly the Gallery app. The tablet apparently also a companion stylus produced by Staedtler.

There have been rumors of tablets running Chrome OS for a while now, but other than a codename of ‘Scarlet’ not much is known. We still don’t know much, tbh, but at least this is tangible proof that we will see tablets running the Chrome OS during 2018. The real question is when it will be made official, maybe at MWC 2018, but the more likely scenario is during Google I/O 2018 in early May.

What do you think? Would you buy a tablet running Chrome OS or would you rather have a new high-end tablet running Android?

Source: Alister Payne (Twitter)
Via: ChromeUnboxed

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