[TA Deals] Save 20% on a Just Mobile 4-port rapid USB charger

Normally, a multi USB charger is a useful but bulky gadget to throw in your tool belt. Anything that can quickly charge that many devices at once is going to have a little weight to it.

Of course, you’ve probably never seen Just Mobile’s incredibly thin 4-port rapid USB charger before now.

Yep, this little piece of tech combines the convenience of rapid charging and multiple USB ports with a tiny form factor. At just 3/4 of an inch thick, it’s probably thinner than your single port USB chargers, too. It also comes in a sleek metal finish.

This charger would regularly cost around $50, but we’re knocking 20% off to bring the price down to just $39. So go ahead, get all of your devices juiced up in style.

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  • WrlsFanatic

    Does it charge QC 2.0 devices properly? If I plug Samsung devices into this, will it show “Fast Charging”? If so, I’m getting one.