Unlocked Essential Phone Now Available at Best Buy

Limited availability has lingered for weeks since Essential launched its first phone (PH-1), leaving consumers with only Essential’s website or Sprint stores for purchasing options. That all changes today with Best Buy announcing available stock of unlocked PH-1 devices both in stores and available for free 3 to 5 day shipping.

For $699, the unlocked units are compatible with all major US carriers, but Sprint also has a locked version available in their retail stores and online, allowing customers to utilize carrier payment plans. Sprint is currently offering 50% off the PH-1 with their “Sprint Flex Lease” program, which is a great deal for Sprint fans.

The PH-1 comes in two colors, “Black Moon” and “Pure White”, but only the black option is in stock at Best Buy with the white model listed as “coming soon”. And while today also marks availability of the iPhone 8, the Essential Phone’s edge-to-edge design is not only more innovative than Apple’s new devices (which also start at $699), but the “notch” might also be a bit more palatable than that on the iPhone X (which starts at a mind boggling $999).

source: Pocketnow, Sprint

About the Author: Erik Slaven

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