Essential announces they’ll announce a release date next week

The announcement and release of the Essential Phone has been weird, and honestly, not great. It was supposed to be available within 30 days from May, but that’s come and gone thanks to a few speed bumps for the company. Then the listing for the device went up on Best Buy’s site, which made it sound like it should be available very soon.

Unfortunately, no.

Essential has said that they’ll be announcing and actual release date for the phone next week. So, yes, we now have a pending announcement for another announcement. Essential says it should be available within a few weeks from next week, but that’s still not instilling much confidence. It will be sold through Amazon in addition to Best Buy, though, so hopefully when we actually get a release date it won’t be too hard to get your hands on one.

On the bright side for the company, they have confirmed a $300 million funding round that was reported on back in June. Investors include China’s Tencent and even Amazon’s Alexa Fund, so Essential is attracting attention from some very big players.

The Essential Phone looks great, but at this point it looks like it’ll launch right next to the Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8. That’s not a situation I’d like my smartphone startup to be in, but maybe Rubin can handle it.

source: TechCrunch

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