Oatmeal Cookie or Oreo? Android 8.0 name guessing heats up

With the official launch of Android 8.0 drawing closer, perhaps only a couple months away, there is not much not already known about where Google is going with the next version of their mobile operating system. Developer previews are already available for Android O with only one round left in July if all goes as planned. As in the past, one of the items that remains shrouded in mystery is what confectionary treat the new version will be named after. The next version should be named for something that starts with the letter O. A popular choice seems to be Oreo, but a new contender has emerged as the potential for Oatmeal Cookie gains some traction.

Sources have noted that some of the code in the developer’s preview versions include references to this new version of Android as being “oc-dev”. The suspicion for some is that “oc” is code for “oatmeal cookie.” This position was strengthened when other sources pointed out some instances during Google I/O 2017 where Google displayed some code in different sessions that included references to “oatmeal_cookie”.

In theory, the “oc” references in the developer’s preview code could just as easily be a reference to Oreo cookie as it is to oatmeal cookie. Which means Oreo could still be in play despite the code references spotted during Google I/O.

This would not be unprecedented as a similar situation occurred with Android K. During development of that version, references to “key lime pie” as the name for that version were being spotted. Upon release though, Google revealed that it would be named Android KitKat thanks to a licensing deal for use of the commercial name. Although we may never know, the odds seem good that Android Key Lime Pie was going to be the name if the deal for the KitKat name fell through. The same could be going on here as Google could be working on negotiating a license to use the Oreo name, or they may even have it secured already, but oatmeal cookie is a backup. This scenario has the benefit of being able to be used in development code before the final release without spilling the beans on the use of the Oreo name.

Do you think Android O will be named for Oreo or Oatmeal Cookie or something else?

source: Myce
via: GSMArena

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