New Verizon-branded ASUS ZenPad Z8 leaks

Verizon is no stranger to snagging exclusive deals with tablets for their customers, and it seems like they’re going to pad out their portfolio in 2017 with the ASUS ZenPad Z8, according to a leaked press image from Evan Blass.

There aren’t many details about the tablet, but the model number is only slightly incremented from the previous ZenPad Z8 that Verizon sells, so we can expect the 2017 version to feature a few improvements in key areas. Processor, RAM, and possibly storage are all candidates for an upgrade, but the screen size looks like it’ll remain the same as its predecessor.

It won’t make a huge splash when it’s officially available, but for anyone that wants a decent tablet without spending flagship amounts of money, this might be something to look forward to.

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

  • miakotamatsue

    The Asus Tablet Z581 (straight from Taiwan) is probably the best tablet that I ever had. And I had a Nexus 9 and iPad. It’s the same version as the Verizion Z581, but with 32 GB and comes unlocked with LTE. I could insert my Cricket SIM card and the tablet literally becomes a phone…a very big phone. I have unlimited LTE, so the tablet was very nice to carry around with full internet connection. The screen is amazing and it’s fast. For the price which was about $350 on eBay, it was the best purchase that I every made. I may buy this one for the wife if I can find one from Taiwan on eBay. I wouldn’t buy it from Verizon especially if you are not a Verizon cellular customer because they won’t sell it to you.