To start 2017, T-Mobile added 1.1 million customers and continued expanding

Still no signs of slowing down for the Un-carrier.

This week, T-Mobile’s results for the first quarter of the year were shared. And it turns out the carrier continues to see growth in multiple areas. Just in the in first three months of 2017, T-Mobile added 1.1 million customers. That keeps its streak of 1 million customers added per quarter for four years alive. Of those customers added in the last quarter, 914,000 were postpaid customers while 386,000 were prepaid customers.

Now 72.6 million customers are on the magenta-colored network.

With all of these figures said, T-Mobile reported $698 million in net income after $9.6 billion in revenue. Net income is up 46% compared to the same time last year. Increasing revenue from both T-Mobile and MetroPCS is giving the carrier the strength it needs to bid on additional spectrum and market its services nationwide. Additionally, T-Mobile plans to open 3,000 stores split between its two brands this year alone.

T-Mobile’s Extended Range LTE, too, was part of the earnings call with shareholders and the media. The 700MHz spectrum currently covers 269 million people in 530 market areas.

Remember that 600MHz spectrum the carrier spent $8 billion on earlier this month? It’ll be put to use in 2017 if everything goes as expected. T-Mobile wants to utilize its massive purchase to “strengthen existing LTE coverage and increase capacity to meet customers’ growing demand for mobile data.” Going by what the carrier says, T-Mobile has more low-band spectrum per customer than any of the other major U.S. carriers.

If you’d like, you can watch John Legere’s appearance yesterday on CNBC’s Mad Money in which he discuss T-Mobile’s success with Jim Cramer.

Source: T-Mobile

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