Instagram’s next target is Pinterest as now you can collect posts

Don’t mess with Instagram right now.

It started slowly, but within the last week Instagram went all-in on copying Snapchat in every way. Things peaked when Direct was overhauled to completely mirror Snapchat’s core. Users of Instagram can now send and receive disappearing messages. On top of that, the service started laughing at Snapchat when sharing statistics about its Stories feature. More than 200 million people around the world use Stories on Instagram every day. That’s significantly higher than the 158 million on Snapchat. And, to celebrate, Instagram threw in new stickers.

Next up on Instagram’s hit list is Pinterest, the photo-sharing service that allows people to share their for others to collect. Well, today Instagram went live with a collections feature. It doesn’t look or feel exactly like a copy; however, everyone knows Pinterest is the target to be hurt by the announcement.

Underneath posts, Instagram’s bookmark button lets you save individual posts privately with a simple tap. Starting today, holding the bookmark button saves a post to a collection. You can create and name collections for easy organization whenever you want to look back at posts that caught your attention.

Instagram says 46% of its users have saved at least one post since last December when bookmarking debuted.

If your Instagram app is on version 10.16, there’s nothing for you to do. Collections will be accessible for all users in the coming days. Instagram has been rolling out all of its new features very quickly, and we expect this one to arrive in the same way.

Download it now: Google Play

Source: Instagram

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