Facebook Camera gets beefed up with more Snapchat-like features

In another attempt to chew into Snapchat’s user base, Facebook is adding more camera features to its app. In case you haven’t guessed, it’s all related to filters and effects that are nearly identical to Snapchat’s setup.

There’s a new quick way to access Facebook’s built-in camera feature, and all you’ll have to do is tap the camera shortcut in the Facebook application on your smartphone. This takes you right into Facebook’s new fully featured camera app where you can get creative and share your photos and videos with friends. Some of the new features in the app include doing things like applying filters to your videos or creating dynamic objects in your shots, like weather effects, hats, or characters. Yep, like Snapchat.

There’s some tie-in with popular brands and movies, including stuff like Power Rangers, Despicable Me, and Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s probably easier for Facebook to close these big name partnerships than it is for Snapchat, and you can bet Zuckerberg and co. will use that clout to capture marketshare.

The camera will also have limited time artistic effects and tools you can use to decorate your photos and videos. Once you’ve filtered and drawn all over your selfies, then you can share them to a brand new Facebook Stories in the main Facebook app, which came straight from the Facebook-owned Instagram mobile app. These Stories are only available for 24 hours and won’t appear in your news feed or timeline, unless you specifically want to post them there.

Building out from there, you can also directly shoot these photos and videos to specific friends, in case you didn’t want them to be seen by everyone on your Facebook friend list. These pictures are also ephemeral, so once the receiver has viewed the content it’ll disappear forever.

Facebook and Instagram have now completely lifted Snapchat’s entire model into their respective platforms, so the big questions are if Snapchat can survive just because it was the first to do so, and how long it’s going to take for Twitter to take a stab at disappearing photos. Maybe Myspace will make a return with their own spin on the formula?

In the meantime, make sure your Facebook app is updated to take advantage of the features.

source: Facebook

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