Project Jacquard Commuter jacket is launching this year with a hefty price tag

Project Jacquard was announced by Google almost two years ago, but it’s been pretty quiet ever since. It’s a cool concept, but most actual products are still in development.

Google and Levi announced a smart jacket last year, however, marking one of the first collaborative projects for the connected fabric, and now we’ve got a solid release date and a price tag to go with it.

The Levi Commuter that features interactive denim and a touch-sensitive area on the sleeve will be available to buy this fall for $350. Yeah, that’s a pretty expensive jacket, but you don’t see very many jackets that can help you navigate, answer calls, and play music.

You’ll still need a smartphone, since Project Jacquard fabric still needs to connect to another device to do the actual processing. It’s like a smartwatch, but baked right into your sleeve.

source: Liliputing