LG G6 will only offer wireless charging, quad DAC in certain countries

LG’s G6 looks very promising, but a few of its best selling points will be exclusive to different countries around the world. This wouldn’t be the first time LG has made slightly different models for different circumstances (remember the AT&T G3 not supporting Qi charging?) but it’s still a disappointment every time.

We’ll start with the wireless charging differences, since that’s clearly something LG is willing to sacrifice for certain markets. If you’re in the US, you’re golden; it supports wireless charging out of the box, no special equipment or cases required. If you’re anywhere else, sorry. Not even the G6 released in LG’s home, South Korea, will feature wireless charging compatibility in any way. LG says there’s not enough demand to justify it, but that still bites.

The fancy quad DAC for hi-fi audio is also a feature that’s potentially on the chopping block. Korean variants will have the better DAC, as well as a few other Asian markets, but the phones sold in the US, Europe, and pretty much everywhere else will have to make do with lower quality audio. Also, yes, quite a bummer.

Similarly, the 64GB version of the G6 will be exclusive to Korea, Hong Kong, and a few Asian markets, with every other country receiving the 32GB model with no option for upgrade, not counting the expandable storage on all models.

So if you wanted a G6 with 64GB of storage, the quad DAC for music, and wireless charging to nix your charger cables, tough luck. It literally doesn’t exist. Hopefully that doesn’t eat into LG’s sales too badly.

On the bright side, there’s a ton of other exciting stuff happening at MWC.

source: Android Central

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