Samsung debuts the 128GB Black Pearl Galaxy S7 Edge


After the Note 7 made an explosive exit from the market, Samsung has been bolstering its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones with more marketing and more color variants. We’ve seen both devices get post-launch support with a pink gold version and a slick Coral Blue that was originally exclusive to the Note 7, and now Samsung is dropping a glossy Black Pearl variant of the S7 Edge right before the holidays.

We’ve already seen a few leaked images of the new glossy paint job, including some remarks about how the extra sheen makes it pop more than the default Black Onyx phone that launched earlier this year.

The Black Pearl device is only available in a 128GB configuration (which sounds extraordinarily like Apple’s 128GB only Jet Black iPhone 7) but that might be a plus for someone that wants more internal space over the 32GB base version of the S7 Edge. It’s only available in select markets, however, so this one might be tricky to get your hands on.

I’m not saying Samsung only launched a Pink Gold and Black Pearl phone because Apple sells a ton of Rose Gold and Jet Black phones, but it’s clear there’s a high demand for phones in those colors. Nice to see more options from Samsung, especially when they bring better specs.

source: Samsung

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