SwiftKey Hub gets a makeover and new features in new update


SwiftKey for Android just got a new update, bringing with it a fresh new design in tow for SwiftKey Hub.

Details after the break.


This update makes it easy to re-use some of your most commonly used phrases without ever typing them. There’s a section in it called Clipboard, which lets you create “clips” of all your most commonly used phrases. Once you’ve saved them, you can quickly and intuitively copy and paste without ever typing them again.


An added Shortcuts section lets you create a shortcut to any phrase you’ve saved within your new Clipboard database. A great example of this is your phone number. Instead of typing it out all the time, you can save the phone number to your Clipboard in SwiftKey Hub. From there, you could create a shortcut like “MyNumber,” which would then, when you type the shortcut in a text message, expand into your phone number without you ever having to type it. This proves to be a tad bit more useful with longer repetitive items, such as addresses.

Finally, there’s a new feature called Incognito Mode. Once you turn this on, SwiftKey won’t learn word suggestions or phrases, which is especially useful if you’re phone isn’t only private to you and you don’t want to give a big surprise away by something unexpected showing up in your text predictions.

These are all the new features added in SwiftKey Hub. They’re added alongside the new makeover and could prove to be useful if there are things you type out fairly repetitively.

Download it now: Google Play

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