Want a pair of Snapchat’s Spectacles? You’ll have to get them from the Snapbot vending machine

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Snapchat’s new Spectacle glasses are a mysterious item. We heard about the idea a few months back, but since then everything has been rather quiet. But now, the Spectacles are being sold from vending machines Snapchat (or Snap. Inc) is calling a Snapbot. And they’re selling out fast, too.

From the Snapbot, the Spectacles will cost you $130. This, right now, is the only official way you can get a pair. You’ll have a chance on eBay, but at a heavily increased cost. Resellers’ Spectacles on eBay are going for as much as $1000 each.

The first Snapbot vending machine appeared near Venice Beach in Los Angeles, close to the headquarters of Snap. Inc. Many people lined up to get their hands on a Spectacle, and now, it’s already sold out.

Snap. Inc’s Spectacles are basically just sunglasses. The attraction is that they’re equipped with a built-in camera for recording video, or in this case, a snap. You can record up to 30 second intervals. It automatically records up to 10 seconds, but you can tap a button on the Spectacles to increase it.

To get the video on Snapchat is a little more difficult. On Android, you’ll have to transfer the videos via Wi-Fi to get it on your phone. With the iPhone, it’s a little easier, as it will automatically transfer through the Spectacles’ Bluetooth connection.

If you want to get a pair of your own Spectacles, head to www.spectacles.com and click the “Find a Bot” button. Snap. Inc will reveal where the next Snapbot vending machine will be located 24 hours before it arrives.

source: Bloomberg

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