Google Pixel is having problems with one of its LTE bands


Google wanted more direct control over the hardware with the Pixel, and for the most part, that’s been a good decision. However, it looks like we’re starting to see our first potential hardware issues cropping up in the form of flaky LTE bands.

Some users with both the Pixel and the Pixel XL have reported intermittent connection problems with networks that use LTE band 4. It seems as if the Pixel is just dropping the mobile data connection, and either reconnecting after a few minutes or after a reboot. It’s been reported on some Canadian networks, but AT&T in the US uses band 4 (among others) for LTE as well.

The issue isn’t widespread, but it does appear to affect more than one or two people. The next step for Google is to figure out what the problem is, which they’re currently doing, then address the issue. If it’s a software issue, that should be a relatively quick fix. If it’s a hardware problem, then Google might have a mess on their hands.

It’s not like the phone is exploding so don’t expect a recall or anything that drastic, but if we are looking at a hardware problem, Google might be on the hook to replace a few phones and adjust their components going forward. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened, so hopefully things get sorted out quickly.

source: 9to5 Google

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