Wield a LightSaber as you battle StormTroopers in Google’s Chrome Experiment celebrating May the 4th and Star Wars

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Today is May the 4th, and you know what that means. Yup, a whole load of Star Wars themed promotions from companies trying to sell you stuff that has nothing to do with the franchise. If you have a couple of minutes spare, though, Google has a great interactive offering that allows you to wield a LightSaber as you battle your way through a bunch of stormtroopers. Join us after the break to find out how.

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First, you’ll need to have your desktop Chrome browser open on lightsaber.withgoogle.com, it doesn’t matter if you are on WiFi or mobile data. You’ll then need to navigate to the g.co/lightsaber/***** address shown on your desktop browser. Both your desktop and mobile Chrome browser should then be asking you to calibrate your handset for use as the lightsaber, which you can do by holding the phone with both hands and then pressing the Initiate button shown on the display.

After your phone has been calibrated, you’ll be asked to activate your lightsaber, before you start smashing the stormtrooper’s laser beams back to them, taking them out in the process. At the end, you’ll have to fight the big baddy, no not Darth Vader, unfortunately, before completing your escape from the Federation destroyer.

I managed to escape the ship in 3:17, let us know in the comments below how you fared in your escape attempt.

Source: Google 

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  • justafew

    Ok, now that was cool! Even if not the best gameplay, it was still fun.

    • Peter Holden

      Yes, I thought so too. It definitely killed 30 minutes of my day, all in the name of research, of course. Haha.