HTC’s Nexus devices this year are going by M1 and S1, likely Marlin and Sailfish


It’s about that time of year for Nexus rumors to pick up, and we’re all still not-so-secretly hoping that HTC will take over this year. A new leak from Evan Blass seems to confirm this, as he’s leaked that there are two devices being developed for Android N that are both HTC manufactured.

There are two devices mentioned, one being the M1 and the other being the S1. These models would fit in with Google’s fishy names for Nexus phones, and there was already a mention of Marlin in an AOSP commit earlier this year. Sailfish is speculation, but it does make sense. The Nexus 5 was Hammerhead, the Nexus 6 was Shamu, and the 5X and 6P were referred to as Bullhead and Angler. We’re obviously still at the speculation part of the rumor cycle, but Google’s like all other tech companies when it comes to naming their devices and software, and they don’t tend to shake things up within the same family of products.

The good news is that this does seem to indicate that Google will launch two Nexus phones again this year, probably with a big and small variant. Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve got. No images of the device, no specs, nothing. At this point your best bet is to hope something else breaks cover between now and Google I/O. Otherwise, we’re just playing the waiting game. Personally, I’m just interested to see if we’re going to get a Nexus 7 again.

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)
Android Police

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