Google Brings Blogger App to Android

Google’s Blogger service is one of the most popular blogging apps out there. It’s been quite a shame that there hasn’t been an Android app for Blogger services…until now. But today, Google has released a Blogger app for your Android phone. Being able to blog on the go just got easier, complete with the option to sort posts and upload pictures directly from the gallery. If you’re a Blogger user, be sure and grab this app from our Apptly Android database, or by scanning the QT code below.

[via Google System Blog]

  • Ryo

    The app is good.
    But they missed to add a link function.
    Lol… seriously, no hyperlinks?

  • TechyGypo

    Just installed it. A good first attempt by Google and is OK for those emergency posts that you just have to make.

    I have a couple of issues:
    + No formatting at all. Cannot even make a URL a link (as Ryo says).
    + Existing posts are not available (even to view).
    + If the post is updated via web, then the changes are not reflected within the app.

    None the less, it’s finally here and I’m sure better things are on the horizon :)

  • DragAndroid

    wow, that’s good news, so I can blogging in my android, lol