Google Fiber’s free Internet option in Kansas City being dropped


Google Fiber was introduced at least partly as a way to shock the broadband Internet access market into introducing more options for customers and driving competition. Besides entering the market as a new player, Google Fiber also introduced some new pricing models, including one that offered free Internet access for life if a customer paid an upfront fee of $300. In Google Fiber’s first ever market, Kansas City, the company has announced that they are ending the free Internet option.

In place of the free Internet that came with 5Mbps service, Google Fiber will offer an option called Fiber 100 as the entry point. Fiber 100 will cost $50 per month with no initial fee and no contract and provides a 100Mbps download speed. Consumers can also opt up to a 1 Gigabit service for only $70 per month.

According to information from Google Fiber, one option will continue to exist for free Internet through the ConnectHome initiative to provide service to “digitally divided neighborhoods.” Some other early locations with Google Fiber will continue to offer free Internet options, at least for now. More recently, Google has not even offered this to customers in new cities where deployments are underway.

source: Re/code