Your physical Google Wallet card is going to stop working soon

Google Wallet

One of the unique features of Google Wallet was its ability to attach to a physical card in addition to the digital wallet. You had an account within Google Wallet that you could put money in, then use that physical card if somewhere didn’t accept NFC payments.

Hopefully you weren’t too invested in that physical card, as it looks like Google is going to phase it out sooner rather than later.

Some information inside of the APK for Wallet suggests that on June 30th, the Wallet card will no longer be supported. It makes sense from Google’s point of view, since the card was nothing more than a glorified prepaid account. It obviously didn’t make waves outside of early adopters, and now that Google’s focus is on Android Pay and contactless payments, it was hard to see that card lasting much longer.

Google Wallet as a service isn’t going away, so there’s no need to be worried about that. You can still send and receive money through the app, and you’ll be able to withdraw any money that’s currently stored in it. After the cutoff date, you just won’t be able to add any more money for storing or activate new cards.

Maybe they’ll be worth some money on eBay a few years down the line.

via: Android Police

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